Berry up!

The best strawberry with excellent taste,
sugar content, and freshness

Very good!

Premium strawberry cultivating
in the smart environment

Through the complete closed smart farm where plants are cultivated only with artificial light without sunlight, L&P Agricultural Company produces
new concept strawberry cultivating and supplying as the clean state with pesticide-free and bacteria-free cultivation indoors in the downtownand tries to
deliver tasty and fresh premium strawberry all year round under the mission to cultivate the best strawberry.

  • The best strawberry full of specialness

    The secret of special taste from Berry Up strawberry
    is a mind to make and take care of the best environment
    ‘of the strawberry, for the strawberry, and by the strawberry.’
    Please enjoy the fresh sweetness only for Berry Up which grows under
    the LED light for 365 days containing clear weather.

Premium strawberry image with trustworthy quality are demonstrated applying
bow tie shape which contains the symbolic meaning to be highlighted where is classy into the strawberry image.